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Jouer Mots Croisés
1 It refers to master a language, showing that one can do something and want to do something, and not just possessing knowledge
2 This approach is based on the promotion of authentic language, enhancing real communication in real-life situations, with fluency over accuracy
3 When all skills are worked at once in an integrated way, at the same time, but not to the same extent
4 Theory that perceives the construction of knowledge to be linked to the communication practice, with no distinction of status
5 Theory based on the fact that learning is no longer an internal and individual activity, but rather an activity that interacts with the help of the digital media
6 'Nobody can learn a language without some exposure to its ...'
7 According to this author, defining what we understand by language as communication will mean to say what kind of society we want to live in
8 Method in which students learn actively though movements, touching, etc.