Son activités

  • Compléter

    Fill in the Blanks


    Watch the video on how yogurt is made. While you watch the video, fill in the blanks with the appropriate words.

  • Video Quiz

    Watch the following video and answer the questions.

  • Mots Mêlés


    Mots Mêlés

    Find all the words. All directions are possible.

  • Test

    Do you really know Santa Ana?

  • Dictée



    Listen to the audio and type everything you hear. Remember capitalization rules. Use periods and commas when necessary. Don't use semicolons or quotations.

  • Dialogue



    Listen to the following dialogue. Then repeat what the speakers say.

  • Ordonner les Mots

    Order the Sentence

    Ordonner les Mots

    Order the sentence according to what you listen.

  • Relier

    You have different categories of words. Match all the words of the same category.

  • Mots Croisés

    Unit 10 Vocabulary

    Mots Croisés

    During unit 10, students learn new words, nouns and adjectives for geographical places, verbs and phrases related about dangerous places, etc.

  • Compléter



    Fill in the blank with the correct preposition (in / on / to).

  • Devinette

    Can you guess this riddle? Guess what's the country being described in the following riddle.