Son activités

  • Relier Mosaique


    Relier Mosaique

    Match the description to the character.

  • Video Quiz

    One can learn how to learn something by discovering the logic of something or any other activity.

  • Video Quiz

    Watch the video and answer the questions.

  • Test

    Test on crititical thinking based on the conference given by Roberto Morales about Critical thinking in higher Education. Listen to the conference the first 45 minutes.

  • Relier Colonnes


    Relier Colonnes

    See if your are to identify concepts. Two parts of thinking are in one pair because of restrictions.

  • Relier

    Here you should be able to identify which concepts belong to elements of thought, intellectual standards and traits of virtue.

  • Video Quiz

    Elements of thought

    Video Quiz

    Understand how elements of thought guide our thinking through questions.

  • Compléter

    An opportunity to analize why our thinking can be biased. Find information about this in the critical thinking miniguide "The problem of egocentric thinking"

  • Mots Croisés


    Mots Croisés

    You have to find elements of thought or intellectual standards.

  • Test

    Answer the questions considering whether they are factual or judgemental.