Son activités

  • Mots Roulette

    Irregular verbs

    Mots Roulette

    This play will shou you some irregular verbs.

  • Test



    In this section you will find the name of some Cities with their capitals. This will help you not only to have more vocabulary, also will help you to learn about citites and capitals

  • Relier

    A noun, in English grammar, is a word that names a person, animal, place, thing, idea, or concept. In this activity you will find some Irregular nouns in singular and plural. Enjoy it

  • Mots Croisés

    Jobs and profesions

    Mots Croisés

    Students could learn new vocabulary and at the same time they will learn the name of the different profesions.

  • Mots Mêlés


    Mots Mêlés

    We use adjective to describe a noun.