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  • Mots Mêlés

    Irregular past verbs

    Mots Mêlés

    Welcome ! I. Find out the irregular past verbs: understood, read, were, wrote, spoke, swam, cut had, did, thought, learnt, heard, sat, got and saw. Encuentra los verbos irregulares:understood,...

  • Relier

    Welcome ! I. Match the irregular plural nouns with a similar word or words, plural or singular . Relaciona los sustantivos irregulares con una palabra o palabras similares en plural o singular. ...

  • Relier Mosaique

    Irregular plural nouns

    Relier Mosaique

    Welcome ! I.Match the image with the right plural noun. Relaciona la imagén con el sustantivo correcto en plural. Enjoy it!...

  • Video Quiz

    I. Watch the video and answer the questions. Ve el video y contesta las preguntas. II. Pay attention to the capital letters or punctuation at the end of the sentence. Pon atención a las mayúsculas y ...

  • Mots Croisés

    Irregular plural nouns

    Mots Croisés

    I. Read carefully the information and guess the plural. Lee cuidadosamente la información y adivina el plural. II. You will have fun while learning irregular plural nouns. ...