Son activités

  • Relier Mosaique

    relate the mosaic

    Relier Mosaique

    relate the mosaic with the sentence...

  • Mots Roulette

    discover the word

    Mots Roulette

    discover the word to complete the sentence...

  • Relier Colonnes


    Relier Colonnes

    relate the sentences with the indicated image...

  • Ordonner les Lettres

    form the words

    Ordonner les Lettres

    organize the letters to form the words...

  • Présentation

    Simple present


    What is the simple present and how is it used?...

  • Test

    choose the correct verb for each sentence...

  • Mots Croisés

    complete the crossword

    Mots Croisés

    look for the words that match and fill in the crossword puzzle...

  • Ordonner les Mots

    form the sentences

    Ordonner les Mots

    order the words to form the sentences in simple present...

  • Mots Mêlés

    Find the words

    Mots Mêlés

    find the verbs in simple present of the alphabet soup...

  • Compléter

    Organiza fue words


    you must organize the words correctly to form sentences ...