Son activités

  • Compléter

    Make or let


    Complete the sentences with make or let.

  • Compléter

    Past ability


    Use could, was/were able to, and managed to to talk about past abilities. Use could for both general and specific abilities.

  • Compléter

    Choose the correct answers. Sometimes both answers are possible.

  • Mots Croisés

    Look and find the correct adjective

  • Compléter

    Complete the sentences with the correct indefinite pronoun

  • Relier Colonnes

    Acomplishment emotions

    Relier Colonnes

    In this activity you must match the vocabulary words with their correct meanings. Enjoy!

  • Présentation

    Let's face it -- between school, home, friends, and extracurricular activities, life as a teenager can be chaotic. Many teens view summer as a time for relaxation and vacation, but for some, it's all ...

  • Compléter

    Choose and adjective and click on the word bank to make correct sentences.

  • Carte Interactive

    My home town

    Carte Interactive

    Mark the facilities that you can find in your hometown