Son activités

  • Mots Mêlés

    Describing people

    Mots Mêlés

    Find the adjectives you can use to describe physical appearence, moods and personality of people.

  • Video Quiz

    Take a look at some interviews and answer the questions about the activities that people did last weekend.

  • Mots Roulette

    London transportation

    Mots Roulette

    We´re going to discuss some of the elements of London transportation. Find the key words and complete the activity according with the audio.

  • Video Quiz

    Take a look at the video and answer the questions according with the information provided on it.

  • Ordonner les Mots

    The little prince

    Ordonner les Mots

    After reading the book, remember one of the dialogues between the prince and the fox and complete the quote according with what they said in the conversation.

  • Ordonner les Lettres

    Moving around london

    Ordonner les Lettres

    Here you´ll find some information about the transportation in one of the most emblematic capital cities around the world.

  • Carte Interactive

    Body parts

    Carte Interactive

    Remember the lesson about injuries that we have in unit 12. Locate the parts of the body mentioned in class.

  • Mots Croisés

    Personality adjectives

    Mots Croisés

    Complete the crossword by placing adjectives that describe the different personality traits.

  • Compléter

    Certain political undertone inheres in all art. At least that´s what poet W. H. Auden express in one of his 34 essays. Read the passage and complete the text with the vocabulary seen in class.

  • Devinette

    Hand signs have different meanings all around the world. Try to figure out what is the hand sign in the picture by taking a look at the silhoutte.