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    Identify the type of the following tri-radical nouns

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    Positional Pronouns


    This, these, that or those. Fill in the blanks with the correct form.

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    Learn to recognise the different types of pronouns by selecting all pronouns of a certain type. Nominal Pronouns Accusative Pronouns Possessive Pronouns Lative Pronouns

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    Days of the Week

    Relier Colonnes

    Match the days of the week. Remember, the dwarven week runs from Friday to Thursday.

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    Relier Mosaique

    Learn the colours by matching the tiles

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    Numbers (1)

    Relier Mosaique

    numbers 1 to 10

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    Family (1)

    Relier Mosaique

    Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Son, Uncle, Nephew