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So Rosa Parks was called

She died

The bus driver phones the police and

In buses, seats at the front were reserved for white people,

One day, Rosa sits at the front of the bus and when a white man gets on the bus,

A year later, the city ended segregation and

At that time, there was racial segregation. It means that

Rosa Parks was born

The next day, black people in her city begin a boycott of the buses in protest of the racist laws.

and the seats at the back were for black people.

then the rest of the USA.

Rosa is arrested.

on 24 October 2005

the bus driver tells Rosa to stand up but she says “No” and she doesn’t move

“the mother of the civil rights movement”.

It was called "Montgomery Bus Boycott".

on 4th February, 1913 in Alabama, in the USA.

things were different for white people and black people. They had separate schools, libraries, toilets, etc