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____________________ to what we have to say to you .
We must learn to ____________________ more closely and carefully .
Which chapter of the Bible you want to ____________________ ?
Don't disturb me because I'm ____________________ right now to the news .
They really enjoyed talking and ____________________ to each other .
____________________ to free streaming music online at Whoopie Radio .
I have been fortunate enough to ____________________ you sing on several occasions .
Your Highness , we are extremely interested to ____________________ what you have to say to us this morning .
She wasn't willing to ____________________ to all his fantastic stories .
They were fully prepared to ____________________ to my story .
____________________ , don't ever try to lie to me again !
I did not want to ____________________ too much about all his bad experiences .
We definitely would like to ____________________ your side of the story .
Is everyone ready to ____________________ to the minister - president ?
That is not what I have been ____________________ a lot lately .