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Opal loved Winn - Dixie right away , because he had such a good sense of ____________________ .
Opal's dad was a ____________________ .
The oranges rolled over and mixed with the ____________________ peppers .
The dog ____________________ right at Opal .
The dog was having a great time in the ____________________ department .
The dog looked like a big ____________________ of dirty carpet .
Opal was an exception to the ? no kids ? rule at the ____________________ park .
Winn - Dixie ____________________ as he climbed up the steps to the trailer .
Opal's dad ____________________ her of a turtle hiding inside its shell .
Opal and her dad moved to the town of ____________________ in Florida that
summer .
Opal's father was working at the foldout ____________________ when Opal brought
Winn - Dixie home .