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1. Mesopotamia
2. Eqypt
3. China
4. Indus Valley

Natural Barriers: Deserts

Inventions: Silk, Coined Money, and Cast Iron

No Natural Barriers

Government: Rulers changed in the Dynastic Cycle

Modern Day Eqypt

Government: Pharaohs considered Gods

Area: China

Modren Day Iraq

Government: Strong centralized government

Natural Barriers: Himalaya Mountains

River: Nile

Inventions: Cuneiform, Irrigation, Bronze

Inventions: Hieroglyphics, Pyramids, Medicine

Inventions: Plumbing and Sewage System

River: Indus

Government: Code of Hammurabi

Area: Mesopotamia

Natural Barriers: Mountains and Isolated

Modern Day China

Area: Eqypt

Area: Indus Valley

River: Huang He

Modern Day India

Rivers: Tiger & Euphrates